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 Monday, 17th June 2019

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Rockschool:  Rockschool Bass - Grade 5 (2012-2018)
Rock school
About:  Various grades (1-8) available to suit your level (Language English)
Paperback:  ISBN/ASIN: 1908920149 (48 pages)
Publication Date:   May 3, 2012  5 stars
Comments:  Rockschool builds upon many years of experience in rock and pop examination
List Price:  £14.95  more info
Backbeat Books:  The Jazz Bass Book: Technique and Tradition (Bass Musician’s Library)
The Jazz Bass Book
By:  John Goldsby (Language English)
Paperback:  ISBN/ASIN: 0879307161 (228 pages)
Publication Date:  September 26, 2002  5 stars
Comments:  Goldsby has filled a gap in the market with this superb book and CD. It explores in-depth all facets of jazz bass playing.
List Price:  £16.95  more info
Backbeat Books:  Bass Grooves
Bass Grooves
By:  Ed Friedland (Language English)
Paperback:  ISBN/ASIN: 0879307773 (112 pages)
Publication Date:  September 24, 2004  4-5 stars
Comments:  The accompanying CD has most of the examples played with a full band.
List Price:  £12.99  more info
Hal Leonard:  Blues Bass: A Guide to the Essential Styles and Techniques
Blues Bass
By:  Ed Friedland (Language English)
Paperback:  ISBN/ASIN: 0634089358 (80 pages)
Publication Date:  January 26, 2006  4 stars
Comments:  The presentation is clear throughout and the accompanying CD is also good fun.
List Price:  £9.95  more info
Baker Books:  Building Walking Bass Lines
Building Walking Bass Lines
By:  Ed Friedland (Language English)
Paperback:  ISBN/ASIN: 0793542049 (64 pages)
Publication Date:  August 1, 1995  4-5 stars
Comments:  The CD contains a lot of examples and play-along exercises.
List Price:  £13.95  more info
Baker Books:  Hal Leonard Bass Method: Complete Edition
Hal Leonard Bass Method
By:  Ed Friedland (Language English)
Paperback:  ISBN/ASIN: 0793563836 (144 pages)
Publication Date:  May 1, 1996  5 stars
Comments:  This is a great book to learn how to play the bass guitar. (with CD)
List Price:  £14.95  more info
Wise Publications:  Absolute Beginners Bass Guitar
Absolute Beginners Bass Guitar
By:  Wise Publications (Language English)
Paperback:  ISBN/ASIN: 0711974276 (40 pages)
Publication Date:  December 31, 1999  4 stars
Comments:  This really is a book for the absolute beginner!
List Price:  £8.95  more info
John Wiley & Sons:  Bass Guitar Basics For Dummies (Lifestyles Paperback)
Bass Guitar Basics For Dummies
By:  Patrick Pfeiffer (Language English)
Paperback:  ISBN/ASIN: 0470539615 (360 pages)
Publication Date:  January 28, 2010  4 stars
Comments:  This book is a really valuable asset to any bassist. (includes CD)
List Price:  £16.99  more info