Here are some examples from my books, reviews, cartoons and other items of interest.

Sample page from Double Bass Solo Book 1. This title was revised again in 2019 with more pages.
Sample page from Double Bass Solo Book 2.
Sample page from Double Bass Solo Techniques.
Sample page from Accompaniments book.
Double Bass Solo Book 1 Reviews
Double Bass Solo Book 2 Reviews
Double Bass Solo Techniques Reviews
Subterranean solos Book Review by John Summerfield
(Spoof) A report now says that the Mozart effect is a fraud !
(Spoof) "O & M" Concert Evaluation report
(Spoof) "Complaints to the Music Department" phone options
Cartoon 1 featuring a Bass and the three helpers!
Cartoon 3 and a poem! (with acknowledgements)
Cartoon featuring Signor Bottesini
A lithograph of Bottesini at the Musical Union c.1851
The Bottesini Testore - a page in words and pictures about the player and it's maker
Dragonetti picture
An 80 year old Dragonetti pictured with Lindley c.1843
Domenico Dragonetti - notes on the player at the Philharmonic Society, London
Death of Dragonetti The Times report, 1846 (with acknowledgements)
Joseph Panormo - Part 1 - a history about the maker of my double bass
Joseph Panormo - Part 2 - a page about Kenneth Burston - the last owner of my bass
The 1611 Amati double bass - and notes on the player Sergei Koussevitzky
Double Bass Bows - notes on some important bow makers