Double Bass Solo publications, edited by Keith Hartley

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 Some Feedback comments

“The books arrived safely. I have pupils doing music GCSE and the Bass Clef Duets Book is perfect for the ensemble section of the exam.”
(CM. UK, November 2023)

“What a wonderful collection of music for Bass. (Book 1) Thank you for supporting the Double Bass community and Educators this way.”
(RG. Germany, November 2023)

“The music arrived today - many thanks for the speedy turnaround and service. I'm looking forward to playing these pieces from Subterranean Solos with my student!”
(GS. UK, September 2022)

Review from 2021
“This is one of the famous series published on the topic of Double Bass instruments. Being highly informative and instrumental in learning the instrument. These books are priceless, highly pleasing, and with all-around evaluation, they come with great graphs and clear scales for the understanding of the concepts in an all-around simple manner. This is one of the great volumes from Keith Hartley.”

“Rapid service (arrived early). Well packed.”
(JHPS. Amazon UK, November 20205 stars

“I’m a huge advocate for your bass books, I used them starting out and all my students use them as well for their Royal Conservatory of Music exams here in Canada.”
(MW. Canada, June 2020)

“Thank you so much for your help and the Bass Clef Duet books! The order arrived this week, and we are glad to have them for future use.”
(AA. USA, March 2020)

“My new bass teacher recommends your Bass Clef Duets and I am looking forward to playing them with her. I already own a number of your OUP publications so have plenty to work on!”
(MT. UK, November 2019)

Speedy and efficient service.
(DW. Amazon UK, January 20195 stars

Many thanks, our Subterranean Double Bass books arrived safely today - a great service! Kind regards.
(SR. UK, November 2017)

The Bass Clef Duets Book arrived in excellent condition yesterday (14 January), so it only took 10 days to get here from U.K. Nice! Thank you.
(GM, USA January 2017)

“The DVD arrived in good time and well packaged. I had ordered this for a friend who is well pleased. So Thank You.”
(A527, Amazon UK, 24 Sept 20165 stars

...We use your solo transcriptions collection that my students like and with the piano parts will hopefully finally play in front of an audience.
(SA. Slovakia, January 2015)

...All good and thanks again for your follow up etc. very impressed with your commitment to customer service...
(DW. Australia, December 2014)

The Double Bass Solo Plus book has arrived in excellent condition and already getting much use. Thank you.
(KL. Australia, May 2013)

The Bass Clef Duets Book arrived yesterday and played this morning. Excellent! Thanks.
(HE. UK, April 2013)

I find the length of the pieces perfect -- just enough to teach a particular fingering, bowing or articulation. Plus, the fact that this is real music (Book 1) rather than dry exercises is fantastic for young students.
(JJ. USA, February 2013)

The shipment arrived today in perfect condition and with the expected content - in fact, I listened already to the Albinoni Oboe concertos CD.
(JA. Finland, July 2012)

Order received today, thank you for such a speedy despatch. regards...
(SM-W. UK, Christmas 2011)

Thank you very much, Subterranean Solos and Duet book arrived today in absolute record time. I was amazed & delighted at how fast we received them -- much appreciated.
(CR. UK, Sept 2010)

Thank you for your prompt service, but more especially for compiling such excellent bass books.
(S.B. United States, June 2010)

Many thanks for the quick dispatch of the music I ordered. It all arrived safely today. I am confident my students will enjoy learning these pieces.
(M.C. U.K, May 2010)

Hi, just emailing to inform you my Double Bass Solo Techniques book has arrived. The speed of service is unbelievably fast. Thanks very much.
(D.G. Scotland, September 2009)

The music has arrived already - what great shipping! I have looked through the books and am very pleased.
(T.C. Ohio, May 2009)

The books arrived this morning, in good condition. Thanks !
(A.D. France, May 2009)