Double Bass Items For Sale

Title:  LP format: Giovanni Bottesini - A Showcase
Soloist:  Thomas Martin / Emma Johnson / Jose Luis Garcia / ECO (Litton)
Publisher:  LP format: ASV
Items:  Grand Duo Concertante for Violin & Double Bass,
 Duetto for Clarinet & Bass, Gran Concerto in F sharp minor
Catalogue no:   DCA 563
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Title:  LP format: Bottesini Virtuoso Double-Bass
Soloist:  Thomas Martin / Anthony Halstead, piano
Publisher:  LP format: ASV
Items:  Capriccio di bravura, Romanza, Introduzione e Gavotta, Fantasia, Grand Allegro di Concerto
Catalogue no:   ALH 939
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Title:  Bach 6 Cello-Suiten
[Maisky - Bach]
Soloist:  Mischa Maisky (cello)
Publisher:  2 x Digital Cassette format: Deutsche Grammophon (with book)
Items:  All 6 Solo Cello Suites (BWV 1007-1012)
Catalogue no:   DG 415 416-1
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Title:  Bach 6 Violoncello Suites
[no image]
Transcribed:  Bach (arr. H. Samuel Sterling)
Publisher:  Edition Peters
Items:  All 6 Solo Cello Suites in 3 Books
Catalogue no:   H/2342
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Title:  Dragonetti: 5 Studi per Contrabbasso
[no image]
Editor:  Emilio Salza
Publisher:  Carisch - Milano
Pages:  12 pages
Cat no:  N. 19258 / Hinrichsen Edition D-945
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Title:  Saint-Saens: L'Elephant
[no image]
Editor:  C. Saint-Saens
Publisher:  Durand
Pages:  3 pages - Double bass & Piano
Cat no:  D & F 10,217
Buy It Now:  Used copy - moderate condition UK Price: £1.50 

Title:  Bottesini: Capriccio di Bravura
[no image]
Composer:  Giovanni Bottesini
Publisher:  Doblinger.
Description:  Double Bass and Piano
Cat no:  D 8434
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Title:  H. J. Butler: Progressive Method for Double Bass Book 2
[no image]
Editor:  H. J. Butler
Publisher:  Carl Fischer Inc.
Description:  51 pages of Advanced exercises and studies
Cat no:  O 95
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Title:  Erich Hartmann: Quartet for Double Basses
[no image]
Editor:  Erich Hartmann
Publisher:  Yorke Edition (A virtuoso work written in 1971)
Score:  6 pages score only
Cat no:  YE28
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