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Music Department phone options

 Saturday, 20 July 2019

You have reached the automated answering service for the Music Department.
Please listen to all options before making a selection.

Press 1
To lie about why your child missed his/her music lesson.

Press 2
To make excuses for why your child did not do any music practice last week.

Press 3
To complain about what we do and comment that the procedures in other schools are much better.

press 4
To abuse the Director of Music Press.

Press 5
To ask why you did not receive information about concerts and rehearsals that was included in last week's newsletter and several other bulletins posted to you.

Press 6
If you would like the music staff to raise and/or adopt your child.

Press 7
To request a change of instrumental teacher for the third time this year.

Press 8
To ask for your child's music lesson to be moved back to its original time having asked us to change it three times already this week.

Press 9
To inform us that your child's instrument was in the boot of the car and had not in fact been stolen.

press 0
If you wish the Music Department to assume resposiblity for the railway network and/or all other global problems.

If on the other hand you realise that you and your children are accountable for your own actions, please hang up and have a nice day.