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Nine concert pieces arranged by Keith Hartley for players of grades 3-5 standard.

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“When I started teaching more than 30 years ago, my major difficulty was finding suitable double-bass music that provided stimulus and interest, as well as offering players of varying abilities musical styles ranging from classical to jazz. Today the range of material has widened enormously providing the teacher with an amazing breadth of material for pupils of all abilities. The majority of double-bass music reviewed here reflects the considerable ingenuity of music arrangers, many of whom play the double bass. Bartholomew Music Publications is edited by Cathy Elliott, well known as a player with London Mozart Players and as a teacher currently working at Junior Guildhall.

Subterranean Solos - Nine concert pieces for double bass is a re-issue of nine arrangements by Keith Hartley, [recently retired] from the orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. They have been chosen from a larger publication originally found in the catalogue of the Oxford University Press. The pieces offer interest, variety and a challenge to any young player. Most impressive are the illuminating guidelines to the teaching and performing of each piece, as well as the quality of presentation. These pieces are most suitable for pupils of grade 3 to 5 standard.”
(Reviews: John Summerfield, 2004)

The Subterranean Solos book is great, and I find pupils actually practise these pieces.
(J.S UK, February 2023)

Subterranean Solos: “Great book!”
Customer Review (Amazon UK) 5.0 stars 13 February 2018

... is also a teacher using the Subterranean Solo books with joy and success while teaching his young players.
(S.S-K Germany, March 2010)

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