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Double Bass Solo Book 1 by Keith Hartley
Double Bass Solo 1
55 graded melodies -
3rd Edition published 2019
(These books are invaluable...Music Teacher)

 In Stock price: £12.99
Double Bass Solo Book 2 by Keith Hartley
Double Bass Solo 2
60 pieces from the orchestral repertoire. (a rare gem and an invaluable addition to a serious bass collection...ISB)
 In Stock price: £12.50
Double Bass Solo Techniques Book by Keith Hartley
Double Bass Solo Techniques
(an excellent collection of music from the orchestral literature...The Strad)
 In Stock price: £13.95
Double Bass Solo Accompaniments Book by Keith Hartley
Book of Accompaniments
26 Piano accompaniments for pieces from Double Bass Solo Books 1 and 2
 In Stock price: £17.99
Subterranean Solos Bass Book by Keith Hartley
Subterranean Solos (Bass)
9 Concert pieces. (The pieces offer interest, variety and a challenge to any young player...Music Teacher)
 In Stock price: £7.50
Subterranean Solos Piano Book by Jill & Keith Hartley
Subterranean Solos (Piano)
9 Concert pieces - Piano Book. (Includes useful teaching notes by Cathy Elliott)
 In Stock price: £9.50
DB Solo Plus Book
Double Bass Solo Plus
20 graded melodies & 4 duets. Bass Book & Accompaniments.
(Not available in the shops)
 Both books in stock price: £16.50
Bass Clef Duets Book by Jill & Keith Hartley
Bass Clef Duets
15 duets in bass & tenor clefs suitable for Cellos, Double basses, or Bassoons.
(Not available in the shops)
 In Stock price: £13.20
4 CD Set
The London Harpsichord Ensemble 4-CDs
Sarah Francis (Oboe)
Albinoni, Handel and Telemann. Strongly recommended (Gramophone)
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Double Bass CDs
All the latest concertos & recitals on CD
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Cosi Fan Tutte
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Romeo & Juliet CD
Opera & Ballet CDs
Selection of CDs featuring music from the world of Opera & Ballet.
Double Bass by Joseph Panormo (1768-1837)
Notes on important Double Bass Bows & Makers
Time Pieces, Scales, Theory and Practical Books
Domenico Dragonetti & The Philharmonic
The 1611 Amati Double Bass & Koussevitzky
Bottesini & the Testore Double Bass