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MacMillan: Royal Ballet DVDs

 Friday, 3rd April 2020
3 Ballets
DVD Price approximately: £25.65
  • MacMillan: Anastasia

  • Featuring: Natalia Osipova, Marianela Nunez, Royal Ballet, etc
  • Label: Opus Arte: 1 DVD (OA 1243 D)
  • Release Date: 1st September, 2017
  • Details: 113 minutes, Classical, PAL
    In July 1971, MacMillan adapted the story of Anastasia into a new ballet premiered at Covent Garden. The first act is a childhood idyll: the teenage Anastasia is on a summer picnic in 1914 with the Tsar and his family. The second act is set in 1917 against the unrest which grips St Petersburg, and in the final act, Anna recreates a confused and half-remembered past.
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DVD Price approximately: £21.35
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